In the United Kingdom, there are different types of pubs. This article will introduce you to them so that you can always choose a pub that’s right for you.


When it comes to location, there are suburban, estate, rural and town centre pubs. There are also pubs that serve as hangout spots in neighbourhoods, and those located on the main road of a village or town.


If you are looking to go to a pub, check out its location first. Then, think about what clientele the pub attracts and make a decision if these are the people that you want to spend some time with. In terms of clientele, pubs can be oriented towards locals, a young crowd, executives and business people, office staff, families, couples going on dates, manual workers, students, the gay and LGBT community, and shoppers from a nearby shopping centre.


Some pubs don’t offer any food at all. Others only have snacks. Yet others have bar meals. Certain pubs are a part of a restaurant, and have full menus. Sometimes, a pub can even have a buffet where you can choose any food you like.


A pub can offer a number of facilities. Usually, the facilities a pub offers depend on its location and clientele. Recently, pubs that offer an opportunity to play board games have been becoming very popular. Such pubs would typically have food, drink, and a large selection of board games that friends can play during their time in the pub.

If you live in a metro area where finding a parking spot can be challenging, you may want to choose a pub with a dedicated parking lot.

Speaking of other facilities, pubs can also have catering kitchens, function rooms, a game room, live music, and large TVs for sports fans.