Marketing is a word that has a lot of meanings and understandings. Most successful pubs are able to attract and keep the customers they want because they have the right message that they deliver to the right customers via the right media.

The key to success is to find a message that will work for a certain group of customers. For example, a pub with extensive food offering may not succeed in a residential neighbourhood.

People who live in residential neighbourhoods are often families with children. They eat at home together and to them, a pub with food is not a very appealing attraction. What they are more interested in is having a pub where they can meet their friends and discuss what is happening in the neighbourhood. Therefore, a neighbourhood pub that wants to be successful needs to position itself as a place where people can meet other people they know and learn about local news and events. It would be smart for such a pub to have a bulletin board where people can post all kinds of ads and notices about services, items for sale and so on.

Because most people today use social media, it would also make sense for such a pub to have a Facebook group where its patrons can communicate directly with each other even when they do not plan to visit the pub. The pub itself doesn’t need live music because that’s not why people come here.

The marketing message needs to be very different for a pub that’s located in a city centre and is geared towards a young audience. To this audience, going to a pub is not about meeting people they already know but meeting new people. It is also about entertainment, which is why live music is often a good idea for such a bar. Finally, young people like fashionable things and a bar for them needs to offer trendy drinks.