In the United Kingdom, there are all kinds of pubs available to choose from. To get more customers, many of the pubs change their offerings significantly during the course of the day. For example, in the morning, a pub may open really early and serve breakfast to people that are going fishing. During lunchtime, it can offer food to local shoppers, and at night it can turn the lights down, and offer live music to attract couples that are going on dates.

For this reason, when thinking about pubs, think about your interests, your values, and your financial resources. If you are on a limited budget, you may not want to go to the most expensive pub in the city. If football is not one of your interests, they going to a pub with a huge TV screen and a football crowd is also probably not a very good idea.

Also, when you go to a pub, consider the area where it is located. You always want to stay safe, which is why you always want to be wary of strangers when you go to a bar, especially if you are a woman. According to multiple studies, over 50% of women have to deal with sexual aggression when going to a bar, and over 90% of all incidents involve an intoxicated male initiator and a female target. Because in the bar, people are not likely to not know each other, the conditions are well suited for initiators believing that there will be no consequences for their bad behaviour towards women.

No matter whether you are male or female, it is always a good idea to not drink too much when you visit a bar. Women who are intoxicated may seem like easy targets for men. Men are also likely to view drinking women in a negative way.