Breweries and pub operators in the United Kingdom often categorize the pubs by the way they operate. If you like going to pubs, knowing this classification, and using it can be very helpful.

Pubs for young people

Most visitors of these pubs are between the age of 18 and 30. Many of them are not yet married, and are not making a lot of money, which is why these pubs often have inexpensive drinks and food options. Typically, such pubs are located in town centres, and may have live music. They often have a lot of staff as these pubs may get busy, and the speed of service is very important.

Traditional local pubs

These pubs are typically located in well-established residential neighbourhoods. Often, they are oriented towards older married men, and offer games and traditional drinks. These pubs often have TVs that show popular sports events. The customers mostly come from the immediate vicinity of the pub, and get to the pub on foot. Because of this, such pubs do not need parking lots, and often don’t have them. The pub serves as a hub for the community. The food choices are often very limited because the food is not why people go to traditional local pubs.

Destination food pubs

These pubs are popular because they offer interesting and unusual food. People may be driving from a wide area around, which is why such pubs typically have parking lots. The emphasis in such pubs is not on speed, but on the quality of food and superior service. Such pubs are often located in rural areas, close to farms where they can get excellent fresh ingredients including meats, and fruits and vegetables that they can use to prepare food. Wine and soft drinks are also popular in this type of pub.